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Donor Wall

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Artist:  Betsy Schulz

Location:  Fallbrook Library

The tile mural imagery, colors, and words in the large Donor Wall panels represent the spirit of Fallbrook. In between the three large panels are donor tiles and quote tiles reflecting the important influence that books and libraries have on people’s lives.

About the Artist:  Betsy K. Schulz, BFA has provided creative design solutions and art installations for municipalities, schools, nonprofit groups, businesses, and private individuals across the nation for more than 20 years.  She is personally involved from concept to final installation.

Betsy’s works is inspired by nature and the specific history of the community in which they are installed. Working with hand-sculpted tiles and found objects, she includes poems, historic information, and captions pressed into clay with antique letterpress letters or silk-screened as glazes onto tiles and glass. Her work is highly detailed, with many layers of words, imagery, and texture. The combination of all these artistic elements sets her work apart. It’s public art that’s meant to be touched and experienced by the public.

Donor: Made possible by the Friends of the Fallbrook Library

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