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The Owl

A beacon of knowledge … 

Artist:  Don Rambadt

Location:  Fallbrook Library

This sculpture began as an exercise in simplicity. The challenge I presented myself was to represent an owl using as few pieces of metal as possible, while still creating a sense of balance and tension throughout the entire sculpture. My hope was that by combining the recognizable image of the Owl, with the monumental scale of the work, I could encourage the viewer to spend some time exploring the more subtle, abstract compositions that reveal themselves as one moves around the piece. Much as the title or cover of a book invites the reader to open themselves to the endless possibilities presented within.

About the Artist:  I sculpt because I enjoy the challenge of manipulating space.  I've chosen birds as my subject matter because they fascinate me to no end.  Don holds an BFA and has multiple national and international placements.  He is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists and a Fellow of the National Sculptors Guild.

Donor:  Helene Ross


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