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Elements of the Universe

Elements of the Universe by Lyman Whitaker profile picture

Artist:  Lyman Whitaker 

“May it inspire everyone and generations to come to be influenced by the beauty that surrounds us all.”

Location:  Frank Patchett Pocket Park, East Alvarado at Vine St.

This kinetic sculpture represents the elements- Earth, Water and Fire which creates a base for the elevated Nebula suggesting a pathway to the beyond.  The piece is grounded by a huge local granite boulder.   

About the Artist:  The plant kingdom inspires and informs Lyman Whitaker’s kinetic artwork. His work is activated and interacts with the wind giving the viewer a connection to one of nature’s forces. When time is taken to gaze at this mesmerizing work, the art may offer a moment of respite from this busy world and encourage a meditative space.  

Donors:  Linda & Peter Wilson, Jerri Patchett

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