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Sliver of Light

Artist:  Jim Helms

Location:  Fallbrook Art Center

This vibrant recycled fabricated steel sculpture captures Fallbrook sunlight moments.

About the Artist:  Fallbrook has an amazing number of highly-regarded professional people, artisans, and community service providers. Jim is a low-key resident who combines all of these into one – they are his passions.  Jim graduated from the USC Dental School in 1974 and enjoyed a dental career in Fallbrook.  After retirement, he realized that sculpture was his overriding artistic interest.  With his keen sense of community, he quickly realized that his unique art form could interest others, young and old, in creating and appreciating art.  

Offered for sale at $2,600
For Purchase:  760-731-9584 | 

Thank you to Wendell Perry for his generosity in donating the installation.
Thank you to the artist for his generosity in offering sales proceeds to the Fallbrook Art in Public Places program.

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