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Old Ones

Old Ones by Brett Stokes profile picture

Artist: Brett Stokes

Location: Fig at South Main

Symbolic of the first known inhabitants of this region, this mural depicts a red tail hawk (the guardian of the Great Spirit’s creation) , surveying the rolling land of our region with a stern and watchful eye.  The panorama extends the horizon out to the sea and the islands beyond.

About the Artist: Brett is known as an enigma in art circles and is known for his bold style.  He has exhibited in private and public galleries and his work is collected nationally and internationally.  

Donors: Jack & Neill Ketchum, Toni Inman, Good Guys Hardware, Fallbrook Refuse, Allen Gracey Landscaping, MRC Concrete, Bart Graves, Jose Thompson, Otis Heald, Al Pinnamonte, Vince Ross

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