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Facts of Life

Artist:  Glenna Goodacre

“I am totally absorbed by the emotion of body language and facial expression.”

Location:  South Main at Fig St

The subjects of this piece are three life-size children, a boy and two girls of junior high age, sitting and talking together in friendly casualness.  Silently the sculpture communicates all the budding curiosity about life that every teenager feels.  Not just about the mechanics of the facts of life, but about the promise of life, the excitement of dreams, the exhilaration of expectation.  These are the ‘fact of life’ so readily accessible as one looks upon the faces of the three children.  

About the Artist: Considered by many to be “America’s Sculptor,” Glenna Goodacre is internationally renowned for her large-scale bronze figurative sculptures.  Her works are widely exhibited and displayed in public, national, international, municipal, corporate, and private collections.  Several of her significant commissions include the life-size bronze of President Ronald Reagan on view at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  Another major work is her design of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington DC.   

Donors:  Donated by the Ingold Family Foundation as an expression of their dedication to the children of Fallbrook and the community at large.

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